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Length:   37 “

Height:   31” w/o wheels + adjustable

Weight:  165 lbs.

Speed:  0 - 100 Fpm

Power:  120 Vac

Min. Opening:   0”

Max. Opening:  8”

Min. Height for product:         1”

Max. Height for product:       18”

Belts:    Seamless


Why Powder Coating?

Powder coating is done for several reasons.  1.  It is durable to resist ink and makeup,  2.  It is less expensive and 3.  It hides ink well.  I do not care how careful a company is, they will get ink on the conveyor. Black wrinkle powder coating helps hide the ink.

Ksys1 conveyor system

With a simple replacement Of the product plate, flat box  coding is done quickly and  more efficiently  than labels,  saving time and money