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  Will work with ANY  type of CIJ  printer  i.e. Videojet ®, Domino® , Diagraph® , Citronix®, Linx®    Why?  Because we  INCLUDE the print head holder  with our conveyor

                                                               Benefits of our conveyor                             


                               1.  Sensor  holder and accessories to hold cabling

                               2.  The  ability to move  sensor holder to either side of conveyor

                               3.  Print head holder for printer

                               4.  Micro-adjuster for small movements of print head

                               5.  Wheels to move conveyor from place to place  

                               6.  Adjustable belt guides to allow for maximum use of belting

                               7.  Easily adjustable belt tensioning

                               8.  Forward and Reverse

                               9.  Does NOT have to be put together

                             10.  Can print in multiple locations without modifying conveyor

                             11.  Easily adaptable to print in multiple locations     

                             12.  Can easily change product sizes

        No extra parts are required to be built or purchased to run our conveyor with your system.   

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Kevin@bottomcoding.com Contact us at: Conveyors  Designed for bottom coding of product. Manual for Ksys1 and 3 Specifications